The View from the Shard

The View from the Shard

A fixed installation designed by Lucy Carruthers for Event Communications, 2013

In June 2012, David conducted the 85 musicians of the London Symphony Orchestra in Abbey Road studio One for the recording of the Shard Symphony.

Shard session

The music accompanies the complete visitor journey all the way up and down The Shard, including propelling the visitors up the themed elevators.

The music at the very top is "The View from The Shard" and features the voices of The Joyful Company of Singers split into four antiphonal choirs, singing in many different languages to highlight the multi-cultural nature of the City of London. They are accompanied by an ethereal wash of sound from the LSO strings; the music hovers, suspended in the view.

Listen to extracts from "The Shard Symphony":

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